Tesi SPA was created in 2002: a young yet solid company that erned a great amount in 2007 thaks to the manufacturing and distribution of jewellery made of non-precious materials. President and designer, Alessadro Testi, while innovative by nature, has created two new markets: Fashion jewellery, wich is accessible and glamorous:and men's jewelry. Historically unconnected ti this world. Rebecca is the group's first brand, joined by Kris in 2003. In 2007 they received an important recognition, the "Confindustria Award for Excellence" in the category of Innovation.

Since 1984 the name THOMAS SABO has stood for versatile, innovative and trendsetting jewellery and watch designs of the highest quality and for high-end beauty products. The unmistakable Sterling Silver collection, the Charm Club and the exclusive Fine Jewellery collection give the brand its face. A major aspect of THOMAS SABO is individuality: our diverse designs for pendants, earrings, chains, rings, beads and bracelets are harmonised and can be combined perfectly with one another. This gives rise to a quite personal look and unique jewellery statements emerge. Our aim is to offer every customer – whether man or woman – the ideal accessory for every outfit and for every occasion. You can then reinvent yourself every day, from timeless classic to way-out rock 'n' roll style.

BOHEMME designs and produces high end jewelry in 925 sterling silver with 18K gold. In 2010, the brand BOHEMME breaks into the World stage and was greatly accepted, which has enabled us to reach over 25 countries throughout the World. Our innovative designs together with the craftsmanship work are the basis of our growth and our consumer recognition. BOHEMME is located in Cordoba (Spain) and has a dedicated team that daily works in pursuit of excellence.

Between creativity and the future, Pesavento tells a new tale of luxury that goes beyond jewellery's previous limits to mould precious material, gold, silver, and gemstones into original shapes and extraordinary volumes. Pesavento creates jewellery with strong, vibrant, instinctive charm. Objects of poetry that enchant and seduce at first sight. Since 1992, Pesavento has been a point of reference in precious material design, a distinctive name in Italian style renowned throughout the world by those capable of seeing beauty in form and value in detail. Chiara Carli and Marino Pesavento are the brand's twin soul, the two poles of attraction in a single impassioned vision that has accompanied jewellery culture to the interpretation of today. Each and every Pesavento jewel is entirely "Made in Italy” and the fruit of research that combines the classic workings of the Italian goldsmith's tradition with stylistic innovation and technological experimentation