and not quite three years later, on May 12. 2011, Tutima presented a new masterpiece: the Tutima HOMMAGE. This first minute repeater to be completely developed and produced in Glashütte is, thanks to its technical perfection and finesse, a respectful bow to Tutima founder Dr. Ernst Kurtz. And one that had horological enthusiasts all over the world listening up. Thanks to its acoustic time signal, the HOMMAGE rang in a new era in the company history. With the presentation of its Saxon One, Grand Flieger, M2, and Patria to professional circles in April 2013, the brand introduced four entirely new watch families that all have one thing in common: they make up the first Tutima collection for 68 years to have been created in Glashütte. These watches are proof that a step backward can also lead into the future.

Grand Flieger            

Airport Automatic 6101-01

A remarkable technical and aviation accomplishment is something that one should approach with respect. For example, the making of a remarkable chronograph. The Grand Flieger is the current reedition of the historical Tutima pilot’s chronograph from the 1940s. A timepiece that has long since become a legend thanks to its reliability and functionality.


Dual Time 6601-01

Modest gold watches made with superior manufacturing skill, have a centuries-old tradition in Germany. After Glashütte's new rise, the watchmakers and their fine watches were able to attain a world-renowned reputation once again. With the Patria, we keep Glashütte’s deep-rooted horological tradition alive: the watch must be noble, beautiful, and precise.

Saxon One

Chronograph 6420-01

A new era of time measurement begins. The Saxon One is the highlight of the Tutima collection “made in Glashütte.” Our dynamic new beginning at our founding location is manifest within it. As many times throughout our moving history, we first had to break with tradition in order to realize our idea, thus once again founding our own tradition.


Chronograph 6450-03

Uncompromising functionality and absolute reliability are the basic principles of a professional timing instrument. The NATO chronograph by Tutima, developed in 1984 and the official service watch of the German army’s pilots to this day, has outstandingly proven itself in global use for decades. Now the M2 arrives to continue this classic timepiece’s success story. We have made several improvements that will not only profit professional users but also sporty, active amateurs.